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How Does
ApaPure Work?

ApaPure instantly kills harmful contaminants,
providing you with clean, safe, worry-free water.


Eliminates Viruses & Bacteria

Water simply passes over the Quantum Disinfection media, instantly killing 99.9999 of all harmful bacteria and viruses.
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Saves Money

ApaPure makes having safe water easy and cost effective. No need to buy bottled water. Save money daily with ApaPure - give your entire family clean, safe, worry-free water for as little as 82 cents a day.
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Absolutely Maintenence Free

ApaPure makes worry-free water easy! No maintenance is required during the lifetime of an ApaPure cartridge. ApaPure is FDA compliant.

How Water Enters Your Home

Make ApaPure the last step before you drink.

Water is treated by the city.
Water travels through old pipes, collecting bacteria along the way.
Water enters your home and travels to each faucet.
ApaPure filters remove contaminants from water before leaving the faucet.
Clean, delicious water flows out of your faucet and into your glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between this and a carbon and small micron filter? arrow for first faq
A. The Apapure 2 comes with a carbon filter built into it. That means it will do everything a carbon filter does (improved taste, get rid of chlorine and chloramines, etc.) along with eliminating 99.9999 of bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are too small to be removed by most carbon filters. Most carbon filters also do not last very long and need to be changed much more often than the Apapure 2, which needs to be changed on average once a year or 10,300 gallons.
Q. How does this compare to a UV filter? arrow for second faq
A. The ApaPure12 filter replaces UV filters and chlorinators. Not only is the ApaPure unit more effective at destroying microorganisms than a UV light, it also doesn’t use electricity so you are safe to use your water in case of an emergency or boil water alert.
Q. Do I need to use any other filters with the ApaPure units? arrow for third faq
A. The ApaPure2 is a point of entry system that fits under your kitchen sink or hooks up to your main line for your RV. It does not require other systems. The ApaPure12 hooks up to your main water line and disinfects water for your entire home. This system requires a pre-sediment filter or a carbon filter, such as the LifeSource Whole House Water System.

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