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Your Well Water Solution

What’s in Your Well Water?

Millions of Americans rely on private wells for their household water. Unlike municipal water, private wells are not tested or treated by the city. If you have a private well, it’s up to you to make sure your water is clean and safe. Harmful bacteria, viruses and other microcontaminants, aren’t always detectable through sight, smell or taste.

LifeSource never wants you to worry about your well water. That’s why we are proud to introduce ApaPure, our new line of disinfection filters that kills 99.9999 of bacteria, spores, viruses and cysts from your water. Unlike UV filters or chlorinators, ApaPure units don’t use electricity or chemicals. ApaPure units will continue to protect your water even during power outages or boil water alerts, ensure your health and safety.

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Signs You Have Well Water Problems

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to upgrade your well water filtration system.

broken egg shell Rotten Egg Smell
bacteria Reddish Stains & Musty Odors
rock shaded icon Brownish-Red Stains
bottle with CL label Swimming Pool Taste
fish bones Earthy or Fishy Taste & Odors
broken shied Equipment Wear & Tear
Egg Smell
cracked egg shell
This is a sign you may have too much hydrogen sulfide in your well.
Rotten Egg Smell cracked small egg
This is a sign you may have too much hydrogen sulfide in your well.
Reddish Stains & Musty Odors bacterial
This is a sign you may have iron bacteria in your well.
Brownish-Red Stains rock with lines
This is a sign you may have manganese in your well.
Swimming Pool Taste small bottle with label
This occurs from too much chlorine being added to you well.
Earthy or Fishy Taste & Odors dead fish bones
This is a sign you may have coliform bacteria in your well.
Equipment Wear & Tear broken shied
This is a sign your PH levels may be out of balance.
taste the difference

Test your well water

Testing your water will ensure you find a solution that specifically addresses your needs. Our test kits are easy to use and provide a thorough diagnosis of the quality and safety of your well water.

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Well water experts

Let Our Experts Help You

Free Expert Analysis

Our experts analyze your well water test results to ensure you are fully informed. We then send the results back to you, free of charge. Once we know exactly what’s in your well water, LifeSource helps you find the best customized solution for your home.

Well Water Problems Solved

Our experts won’t touch your water until we know what’s in it. That’s because we want to make sure all safety issues and concerns with your water are addressed. We work directly with you to recommend only what you need.

Get Started Today!
A Simple Solution Customized to Fit Your Needs.

We’re Here to Help.

With LifeSource, we’ll make it simple to diagnose and solve your well water problems.

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